These are the Most Hilarious Gym Photos

Whether it’s effective, we don’t know… But it’s definitely special
The gym: Some love to go every day, while others have been donating inactive to the gym for years. Some come to lose weight and spend an hour doing aerobic exercise, while others are lifting twice their body weight. Whatever your reason for going to the gym, you’re going to work on yourself. And that’s worth a round of applause! But every once in a while, you run into people who, uh, don’t fully understand how things work at the gym. And that gives us hilarious pictures.

At the gym

Everyone goes to the gym to work out. That could mean an hour on the treadmill or lowering with squats and deadlifts, it doesn’t matter. We all spend some time looking around to see what’s going on. How many people are there? What kind of exercises are they doing? Is the leg press finally available? This kind of thing.

Hilarious pictures

Watching that monkey – er, looking around – leads to more than a few hilarious moments. The photos below prove this very well. From a father taking his son to the gym to a man working out in heels and an older woman with curls in her hair squatting on a fitness ball. It’s hard to say whether these exercises are effective, but…. Hilarious? They sure are. Curious? Check it out on the next page.

1-Stay hydrated

When you’re working out, it’s very important to drink plenty of water. Obviously, you’re sweating a lot, so there’s a high risk of dehydration. But like the woman below, pouring an alcoholic drink at the gym isn’t on our list of recommendations.

2- Just a quick nap

Working out can be tiring. That’s why this man decided to take a quick nap. At the gym. In his military jacket and jeans. Right.

3-Strong baby

Starting young is the way to go, that’s probably what these parents were thinking. This young man is lifting 100 pounds! Ufa!

4-Look at those muscles!

Pretend until you do, must be this guy’s motto. Just a few more biceps and you’re there!

5-Good motivation

You’re not motivated to go to the gym and prefer to lie down on the couch with a bag of chips and a box of donuts? Just combine the two, like this smart man below.

6- Forgot your gym clothes

There’s nothing more irritating than realizing you’ve forgotten your gym clothes at home. It happened to this guy too. Don’t worry, he thought. Working out with a towel is good too. Eh, ok?

7- Superheroes also work out

How do you think superheroes get so strong? They have to work hard on this! Proven point by this Batman.

8- Intense balance exercise

If you’ve ever been to a physical therapist, you’ve probably had to do a balance exercise or two. But squatting on a 40-pound fitness ball around your neck? I don’t think your doctor would be too happy about that. Nor your knees.

9- Comfortable shoes are mandatory

While most athletes wear their most comfortable sneakers to work out, this man wears his highest heels. Very impressive… but effective? Probably not.

10- Good music is important

A little dance music with a good bass, a hip-hop song or maybe a rock album: music can keep you motivated and allow you to push even harder. This boy takes it to the next level with his own fanfare band.

11- Deadline? Smoothly

Do you have a deadline but still want to exercise? It’s not a problem! Just take your laptop and Starbucks coffee with you as you pedal at a blistering pace. Perfect!

12- Safety first!

Cycling at the gym is as dangerous as a few laps on a racing bike, this woman was probably thinking.

13- When you can’t get a babysitter

Super excited to go to the gym, but the nanny canceled at the last minute? Don’t worry – just take your baby to the gym with you! With about two hundred pounds above your head, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

14- Exercising the neck muscles

Who’s going to tell him that’s not how you should use this machine?

15- Eh…

A lot of men seem to find it extremely important to train the neck, because this guy has found an ingenious way to use this machine.

16- When you are too tall

You have to do something, right?

17- Keep drinking enough

We said it once, but we’ll say it again: make sure you’re drinking enough. Of course we mean water, but this woman prefers to sip from a huge bottle of coke.

18- Wait what?!

To be honest, we have no idea what this man’s plan is or what exactly he is training. But we’re sure that’s not how you use the leg press machine…

19- Just a little back training…

….Or breaking in the back. One of the two. Our bet is on the latter.

20 – Just a light workout

“Go big or go home” was certainly this guy’s thinking.

21- Multitasking

“Do you only work one muscle group at a time? I always do several on the same machine.” I mean, who has time to walk an hour at the gym? Now, is this double weight training a good idea? We’re not so sure.

22- Working out is tiring

This girl was apparently so tired after training that she decided to take a quick nap with dumbbells.

23- Good balance

Another guy who doesn’t just squat on the floor… he has a more adventurous stance.

24- Relaxing with your dog

Why take your dog for a long walk when you can just take him to the gym? And then relaxing with some yoga poses. Sounds perfect!

25- Wavy hair

Beautiful curls don’t just happen. This woman hasn’t had time to get her rolls off, so yeah, they’ll just have to stay while she trains. Very efficient!

26- Good rest

Boxers have gloves, tennis players have rackets and cyclists have cycling clothes and a helmet. Even in the gym.

27- When your phone’s battery runs out.

Working out without music was not an option for this man. Dead phone? Just take your huge tablet with you. Problem solved.

28- Muscle man

On a good day we can do about 140 kilos on the leg press, but this man makes us ashamed. 600 kilos? No big deal, we can do this.


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