I Can Train After Getting a Tattoo?

It is very common to be in doubt whether we can do weight training after getting a new tattoo. Rightly.

It is really unpleasant to interrupt the continuity of training, but the tattoo healing process must be respected.

Entering an environment full of bacteria and stretching the skin just injured by the tattoo machine is not always the best in the best approach.

But there are cases and cases.

In this text we will see how to keep your tattoo intact at the same time that you don’t need to influence your training results.

Rules for training after getting a tattoo

As a general rule, the first day after getting a tattoo the rest of any physical activity is complete.

In the first 24 hours after a tattoo, there will be a presence of plasma alongside the recent injuries done by the tattoo machine.

This ally with the sweat generated by physical activity is the perfect recipe for acquiring an infection in a place full of bacteria.

Therefore, regardless of the size and location of the tattoo, it is contraindicated to do training on the first day after getting a tattoo.

After the first day and without the presence of body fluids, there is no problem in training if the tattooed area is not irritated.

Small tattoos that are not found in regions close to the joints are unlikely to be affected by physical activity.

However, tattoos and larger movements, such as arms, legs, and shoulders, can take up to 7 days of complete rest away from training.

Just as the skin stretches to the point of causing stretch marks on the skin during training, this can also break traces and deform the tattoo.

Keep in mind that the healing period of the tattoo is small (a few days) compared to the time you will have to do the training (a lifetime).

So there is no need to rush things.

In the meantime, keep the tattoo always hydrated, using Bepantol or the cream indicated by your tattoo artist.

With that out of the way, the question that remains is: How to keep my results for the period away from training?


1 – Maintain the diet and supplementation

First of all, we need to understand that staying seven days away from training will do little to your results.

Basically, if you adhere to the diet and supplementation (when applicable), it is unlikely that you will lose muscle mass or gain weight.

In fact, these seven days might be welcome if you’ve been training hard for months and will keep you coming back even better than before.

So don’t worry too much.

2 – Do a bulky workout before getting the tattoo (same day)

Remaining seven days at rest, there is no problem doing a workout with more volume than the average.

This extra volume will make your body heal for multiple days, i.e. it will keep you in anabolism.

Which makes the period away from training perfect.

And when we say extra volume, we refer to the addition of one or two exercises in the workout or 4 to 8 total series more divided between the exercises already present in the routine.

It is also smart to train all the muscles that will not be trained on the day the tattoo is made (before going to the studio, of course).

Again, there is no reason to worry about overtraining if you have ample rest in the next few days.

Just remember that diet is vital for recovery.

3 – You can still train the areas that do not affect the tattoo

If you have a tattoo on your upper body, for example, there are no problems in training your legs (and vice versa).

Respect the first day after getting a tattoo, due to the risks already mentioned.

Also, wear clothes that do not cause irritation / friction in the tattooed area.

If this is unavoidable, use cellophane paper.

In most cases, it is advisable not to exercise after getting a tattoo, at least in the first week.

After this time it will be possible to clearly assess how well your new tattoo is healing and how comfortable the area is to perform the movements.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

In other words, it’s better to go inexperienced for a few days than to destroy a tattoo that will stay in your body forever and cost more to repair.

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