7 Simple Steps to Gain Strength in Weight Training in just 31 days

The vast majority of people who do weight training are looking for body improvement (and not just health). But almost every time we forget the need to improve not only aesthetics, but strength as well.

And I don’t say this as if strength is some kind of merit you need to have, but rather as a useful skill for you to improve your body faster.

Whether it’s gaining muscle or burning fat, building more strength is the fastest way to get there.

The more load your muscles are able to use, the more muscle mass you can build and the harder it will be to lose it in any situation.

In this text, we will see 7 steps to accelerate strength gain, but considering that your main goal in bodybuilding continues to be the maintenance of body esthetics and health (not just to gain strength).

1 – Free compound exercises first

The year is 2021. There is a pandemic around the world. There are fires, floods and droughts, due to climate changes that are caused or not by human influence.

We control a flying drone on Mars with an interval of five minutes from Earth.

But none of this prevents many people from continuing to ignore the importance of stressing compound exercises first in training.

Compound exercises, with free weights, that work more than one muscle group at the same time, such as:

  • Bench press
  • Development
  • Squat
  • Curved row

And several others are the exercises with the greatest potential to build pure strength in bodybuilding.

If you want to know which ones are the best, check this out.

Therefore, except in specific situations, where there is a specific strategy being employed, compound exercises should come first in training, always.

This way you can extract maximum gains from them when you still have plenty of energy.

Always start training, regardless of muscle group, with a compound exercise (except in situations previously explained).

2 – Perfect execution

The quality of exercise execution determines how much muscle mass will be used and thus the correct muscles that will be used and how good the stimulus generated by the training will be.

So, as much as your goal may be to gain strength and loads are high in importance, using too much weight to the point of sacrificing quality of execution is a shot in the foot.

Furthermore, perfect execution is continuous work.

When you learn to exercise at the gym, when you start to do weight training, this is not the end point, but the starting point.

From there, you need to constantly monitor your form and always look for improvements.

Remember, it’s all too easy to create addictions over time and miss mistakes that will hurt your results and could put your joints at risk in the short and long term.

3 – Less repetitions and more volume

To optimize strength building in weight training it is necessary to use a lower rep range such as 6 to 8 in compound exercises.

So don’t be afraid to cut your reps if you’re used to using 10-12 or more.

In this rep range (6 to 8) it is still possible to stimulate muscle growth, but with a greater focus on building strength.

Also, when we use fewer reps we can increase training volume, ie add more sets or add more exercises per workout.

4 – Warm up the muscles correctly

Warming up your muscles before starting a workout is not just a matter of increasing safety and avoiding injury, but preparing your muscles and nervous system to generate maximum work.

But warming up is not doing a crappy set without weights or doing 10 minutes on a treadmill. But do warm-up sets.

Before starting your workout, do warm-up sets.

5 – Do moderate aerobics (yes, aerobics will increase your strength!)

Aerobics are an underrated secret weapon.

Including aerobics in your routine has a multitude of benefits that range from improving your recovery, improving your fitness and even increasing your strength.

It may seem strange that an activity not directly related to building muscle generates benefits like this, but having a conditioned body optimizes your mitochondrial function which, in a simplistic way, will make your body be able to generate more energy in any situation.

And it’s not necessary to overdo the aerobics. In fact, there is a curve in extracting its benefits where doing too little is bad, but too much is bad.

Try adding at least 3 aerobic sessions per week of 20 to 30 minutes each and with moderate intensity.

6 – Training your weaknesses will give the best results

We all have muscles where we get results more or less easily.

The problem is that we tend to work more precisely on muscles that we already have a certain aptitude for.

While this is great for ego and motivation (it’s easy and enjoyable to train what you already like), it’s terrible for your weaknesses.

But from the moment you start to spend most of your energy precisely on muscles that you don’t like or are weak, it is precisely at this point that you will see the biggest gains.

It’s an obvious question: our weaknesses are precisely what’s holding us back from making the best gains.

If you just do what you love and are already able to do, you can’t expect anything very different from what you already have now.

7 – Eat what’s right for you

Unfortunately this question does not depend on our opinion.

It is only possible to build muscle mass and strength by providing more energy than your body needs, ie by eating more.

But this is where most people lose everything.

No need to eat too much. Just enough to ensure the body has all the energy and nutrients it needs to evolve.

To do this start by using calculators that estimate how many calories and macronutrients you need to gain weight (and strength).

and BONUS– Use the correct supplements, only if you can and want to

Between us, supplementation is the aspect that will make the least difference in your results.

Training and diet are infinitely more important.

With that being said, if you can and want to use supplements, some may help you gain strength faster.

However, contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to spend lots of money on countless products.

The main supplement involved in increasing strength and building muscle is, without a doubt.

Other supplements such as protein may be helpful, but only if your diet alone cannot supply them.


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